Tuesday, July 31, 2007

What's going on with Parallels?

This is from an email exchange here at Sun.

I'm getting nervous about Parallels if this is what things are looking like. What are the alternatives out there? I guess it's time to find out.

XXX wrote:


Has anyone else tried to avail themselves of Parallels customer service lately?

My account on their website was messed up somehow (error messages) so I tried to call. I stayed on hold on a toll call for 15 minutes despite being told I was "first in line".

Personally, that's making me really nervous about buying any further licenses/upgrades from them.

YYY responds:

When I contacted them regarding the fact that they hadn't sent me my upgrade licence for v3, and that I had already opened one of my vms in v3, making it impossible to go back, I got two nonsensical emails, the a pause of a month (!), after which they sent me a new licence.

For what must be a small organisation, they sure are disorganised, because I had already received the licence I was due from another part of the company.

I wasn't very impressed with QA for v3 either. I've bought Fusion.

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