Thursday, July 19, 2007

IBM buys DataMirror and thusly Pointbase

Just got a note from a friend that IBM has bought DataMirror. Given that DataMirror bought Pointbase a while back, this puts IBM in the awkward position of being invested in two small-footprint, 100% Java databases - Pointbase and Apache Derby.

Given that from what I understand there are a lot of IBM products that rely on Derby/Cloudscape, I don't think this bodes well for the future of Pointbase. I suspect it will hang on in deployments and uses where it is already in place, but I would be surprised if, for instance, IBM start replacing all its uses of Derby with Pointbase. Especially since Derby is a better product (disclaimer: I am highly biased :))

One nice thing is Pointbase owns some fairly good synchronization technology, and maybe IBM will be inspired to incorporate this into Apache Derby. That would be cool.

Trivia note: did you know that the mobile version of Pointbase, Pointbase Micro, was written by Thomas Mueller, the same guy who wrote HSQL and H2. Thomas, you get around! :)

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