Tuesday, July 10, 2007

PostgreSQL rocks with a SpecJ benchmark

PostgreSQL Elephant

The PostgreSQL team has just published their first official performance benchmark, SpecJAppServer, running on Solaris with Niagara hardware, and it rocks, delivering 780 JOPs!

Josh Berkus of the PostgreSQL core team shares:

This publication shows that a properly tuned PostgreSQL is not only as fast or faster than MySQL, but almost as fast as Oracle (since the hardware platforms are different, it's hard to compare directly). This is something we've been saying for the last 2 years, and now we can prove it.

Max Mortazavi provides some more background on this, and Jignesh Shah and Tom Daly give some details.

If you didn't catch this, this is a free and open source database (with an open community) that has competitive performance with Oracle, and with full enterprise-grade support available from Sun. It's free to use however you like. No restrictions, no dual licensing. That means price / performance = infinity :).

If you haven't been looking at PostgreSQL for your enterprise applications, maybe it's time. And if you think x86/Linux is the best place to run a database, maybe you should think again, and take a serious look at Solaris and Niagara.

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