Monday, December 01, 2008

Zend user switching to NetBeans PHP

Roumen points us to a very interesting comment on the Zend forums
My company bought 3 3-year licenses for Zend Studio earlier this and up until a few weeks ago, there was nothing else on the market that even came close to meeting our requirements. Then Netbeans released 6.5 with PHP support. Right out of the gate, their PHP and JavaScript support is on the whole, so much better and faster than Zend's product, with so many fewer bugs, that despite the fact that we spent $1000 this year investing in Zend's product ... I am assisting my team in migrating over to use Netbeans for most of our development. There are a few things that Studio does better, but Netbeans is just a much more mature and easy to use product, even this early in their PHP support

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Anonymous said...

The new Zend IDE (6.1) is based on Eclipse and shares the same strengths as that platform. I'm part of a team of 10+ and we are moving from Zend 5.5 to 6.1. It is too early to say. I would think that anyone who has a Zend license would be pretty foolish to not give the Eclipse based Zend a good run for the money before deciding.