Monday, July 09, 2007

Take me out to the ball game

Ariel has been asking me for a while to take her to an A's game. She even has the cutest pink A's baseball cap (see above). So I finally found a good time, and we headed off to the game on BART this Saturday.

She was so excited, and grabbed my hand and smiled as we walked into the stadium. She was stunned at the view.

The first thing she asked me was "can we buy some junk food now?"

I worked at telling her the difference between balls and strikes, foul ball versus home run, what it meant to have bases loaded and why the A's pitcher was really doing a terrible job by walking so many runners and then allowing a home run.

She was very polite and tried to listen, but generally had this vague look of Not Quite Getting It (and not really caring). Mostly she had fun watching the cute elephant mascot do antics, and really really wanted some cotton candy. I checked in with her a couple of times, telling her if she was bored we could go, but she definitely did not want to go.

It really touched my heart. She just loved doing this, and doing it with me. That was all that really counted.

We bought a baseball, and she carries it around with her in the house and won't let Michael touch it.

Later when Linda asked her about the game, what she remembered most was the guy who swung so hard he fell down on his butt, and the guy who broke his bat. That, and the cotton candy, of course.

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