Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Prague Trip

OK, Heathrow was hell, but Prague was quite wonderful. I actually was able to get away from the office on Friday afternoon and take a walking tour of Prague. I highly recommend Prague Walks They have all sorts of walking tours - the one I took was three hours with a very knowledgeable guide and included a stop half-way through at a pub for a foot rest and a local beer. What a great way to spend three hours!

More photos can be found here. They're with my crappy cell phone camera, I forgot to bring my regular camera (probably a good thing because it would probably still be sitting in Heathrow in my lost suitcase), but there are some good shots in there considering.


Anonymous said...

Hi David!
How are you?
After reading your article I have understood that you liked Prague, so did I. I have been in Prague only once. but it was enough I was very surprised, amazed how beautiful this city is. So many ancient monuments, I have never seen such masterpieces. I was astonished of its prices: beer is almost free of charge.

Anonymous said...

There are not many places in the world, about which I can say I love them. I have to confess, that Prague is ONE of those. I recently visited the City of Prague, also known as “the golden city of spires” on Vltava River. I found Prague very attractive, and the thousand-year history was visible particularly in the architecture. The touristy Old Town, the Prague Castle, the Little Quarter and the Jewish Town made a deep impression on me with beautiful medieval, gothic- and baroque-style churches and renaissance residential Prague property, museums, cafes and theaters. One could wander through the meandering streets of Prague for days in a row and continuously discover hidden alleyways and unique views.