Thursday, August 16, 2007

Happy 60th Independence Day for India

This week celebrates 60 years of independence for India. I have always, always been struck with the way that India obtained its independence. Here in America, we fought with gun and musket; in India, it was fought completely with non-violent means. As always, India is giving the world deep and profound teachings.

Many people complain about our jobs being taken to India. But I know for a fact that Indians have been a huge component of the technical revolution from the beginning. And I want to honor and thank all of the contributions from the great Indian community.

I also want to thank India for giving me personally a vast and deep ocean of wisdom from which I can draw. Great statements such as tat tvam asi ("Thou Art That") and chittam mantraha ("The mind is mantra") have been food for years of contemplation and practice.

And the Indian people - sweet, kind, patient, funny, hard-working, passionate, disciplined. I want to thank and honor all of my Indian friends and colleagues.

Happy Independence Day!

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MyOwnCookBook said...

It's a pleasure to see that you are interested in Indian teachings and actually appreciating it when even we Indians are not fully aware of it.