Monday, January 05, 2009

Ode to Freelance Filmmakers

A fun poem in the spirit of St. Nick by my half-sister Alicia, who works in indie film. 

I don't understand some of the allusions, but I am encouraged by this part:
Theatrical's dying -- it has been forever,
Filmers are thinking, is self-distrib better?
So Ballast and Crumley and Range Life and Co,
What money is there hoeing that lonesome row?

Not much, but we own it ourselves, which is great
We do this for love, not a studio slate.
On iPhone! On Hulu! On V on Demand!
New platforms that stretch far across all the land!

Death to old models! Minds open for new!
Film wants to be free and cream rises, it's true!
Patiently plotted and pretty to scope,
Niche marketed art films please don't give up hope:

The one-two punch of the Internet and the economic downturn may provide huge opportunities for non-studio-driven independent film to make it to the masses...

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