Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My new laptop is here!

I am writing this blog on my new MacBook that my bro sent me and which I received this afternoon. 

Very nice machine - 150GB disk, dual cpu, 2G of memory.  Nothing to sniff at, especially for the cost of FedEx shipping.  Thank you, thank you, thank you, Antony (aka my big brother)!

The reason I was able to get going so quickly with this is SuperDuper!  I love this tool.  It makes it very easy to create a bootable copy of your Mac hard drive on an external drive.   I did this before turning in my old laptop.

Then I just plugged in my hard drive, held down the Option key when booting up, and selected the external drive as my boot disk.  And voila, I'm back in my old environment!  It is so nice.

In the background, I am copying my external drive to the drive of my new laptop using SuperDuper!  When it's done, I reboot using the internal drive, and I'm good to go.

One could only wish things on XP were this easy.  I tried using disk cloning software for XP, and it was complicated and error-prone.  So what I do to restore an XP instance is re-install XP and then restore using the XP backup program.  Sigh...  Not nearly as nice.

So, thanks to Antony and SuperDuper!, I am a happy camper. 


Anonymous said...

Great news, David. I am so happy for you.

Little sister E

Anonymous said...

Hey David, no doubt Apple loves when you upgrade ;) I just did something similar. I restored my environment on a new Macbook using my Time Machine backup. It worked well, and I'm back in my original environment too.

Anonymous said...

Cool. C'mon David, show us a pix of your new toy ;-)

Antony said...

Hi Dave, just read this post - I wasn't reading blogs during my trip.

So glad to help, glad you like.

Big Brother A