Tuesday, November 27, 2007

SQL Server Express - nothing "Express" about it!

I have been trying most of the day to get SQL Server Express installed on a lab Windows XP machine. I need this to try and reproduce a problem somebody is having with NetBeans and SQL Server.

What a friggin nightmare!

Someone prior to me had installed the beta of SQL Server Express, which now appears to have expired and won't start. So I downloaded the new version, which refused to install, saying that "Beta Components of .Net, Visual Studio, or SQL Server 2005 are causing problems. Please fix this" or something to that effect.

Um, OK... Not very helpful.

I tried uninstalling the old version. Get this - it is installed but it refuses to uninstall because it says it is missing the .Net 2.0 framework. Gads!

Ok, back to Microsoft, download and install .Net 2.0. Same problem. Reboot. Same problem. The @#%@% system tells me .Net 2.0 is installed, but it refuses to uninstall. And the new version refuses to install, same error.

What, are you doing everything you can to make me not use your software??!! Amazing...

For the sake of my customer, I'll have to try this again tomorrow. But if I were a developer, I'd be throwing this thing out the window and moving to Java DB.

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