Friday, November 02, 2007

CAFEBABE: A vote for Java 6 on the Mac

In an attempt to have our voice heard, let's spread the word. If you want Java 6 on the Mac, or at least have Apple tell us when they plan to deliver it rather than be silent, then post a blog with this magic cookie:
(13949712720901 is "CAFEBABE" in hex, the magic cookie for Java class files).

Search for this string using your favorite search engine, and you can see how many votes there are.

This apparently had great impact with Nova Spivak's effort to bring attention to the plight of the Burmese people, although I do find the Java 6 on the Mac issue a little less important than the suffering and repression of an entire country.

Thanks to Henry Story for the idea and for kicking this off.

And thanks to Fredericiana for the fun photo.

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Ron T. said...

I'm all for Java SE 6 on my Mac! Apple is terribly slow about bringing out support.

Just a note, David: the magic number 0xCAFEBABE is 3,405,691,582 in decimal. The number you quoted is 0xCAFEBABE405, which doesn't make a lot of sense. If you wanted to include the version numbers of the class format to mention SE 6, you might go for 0xCAFEBABE0032.