Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Putting a face on Mr. D: NetBeans and SunStudio plugins for DTrace

DTrace has won accolades within the Solaris community as delivering something nothing short of miraculous for understanding the root cause of performance issues without becoming a bottleneck to your system itself.

But DTrace is a command-line interface, and one thing it needs is a UI.

Well, the tools teams have been working hard to make this happen. In the latest release of Solaris Express Developer Edition, Sun Studio comes with a plugin called D-Light that helps you visualize DTrace probes.

Nasser Nouri has also delivered a DTrace plugin for NetBeans which looks quite nice.

Sun also provides DTrace support in their optimized AMP stack.

So this is all goodness for those out there who want to deploy AMP solutions to a platform that gives you the tools you need deep observability into your application so you can find and fix performance issues quickly.

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