Wednesday, June 17, 2009

New York Times on social media as the only way to get the word out

A good article that seems to capture the power of Twitter and other social media tools to break down the walls put up by repressive regimes.

I've been reading the Twitter #iranelection stream, and a lot of it is chaotic, doubtful, over-enthusiastic, or silly.  But there are also gems in there, with links to articles and lots of pictures showing the emotion of the demonstrators and the violent repression that is going on.

It definitely gives a different more real and emotionally engaging view of what is unfolding from traditional media, with an article here or there, mostly talking about what they've heard is going on through Twitter, and only showing "sanctioned" pictures of pro-government rallies.

But to me what is most important is not what I can learn about what is going on, but what Iranians can communicate with each other even as the government tries to shut down communications.  I read in a NYT article that demonstrations are being organized through Twitter.  That was great news to hear.  And I pray for them, because the risk of serious injury or death is very real, and they are still moving forward.  Incredibly bravery and determination.

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