Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Guardian seems to have it right

While other news media seem to be flailing in their attempts to keep up with the speed and detail of information coming from social media, the Guardian in the UK has a live page (updated every minute) that seems to get the balance right: keep an eye on the stream of information, and use journalistic discipline to avoid rumors, innuendo and falsehoods.  As an example, Twitter is posting this picture, and The Guardian says
A picture claimed to be of today's opposition rally has been posted to Twitpic. It shows thousands of people marching on a flyover labelled the "Krimkhan bridge". The date of the picture is impossible to confirm, please let us know if you have more information.
 I think this is great, as it gives me a source of information I feel I can trust that is also up-to-date and using new media sources and not just the traditional reporting resources.

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