Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dare Obasanjo - AtomPub fades away

Wow, great discussion of the reported demise of AtomPub. I was playing around with AtomPub a while back, and it's true, I've slowly moved over to just using JSON - see CouchDB for example.
The double whammy comes from the fact that although new forms of microcontent have shown up which do encourage the existence of desktop tools ... the services which provide these content types have shunned AtomPub and embraced JSON as the way to expose APIs for rich clients to interact with their content. The primary reason for this is that JSON works well as a protocol for both browser based client apps and desktop apps since it is more compatible with object oriented programming models and the browser security model versus an XML-based document-centric data format.

In my opinion, the growth in popularity of object-centric JSON over document-centric XML as the way to expose APIs on the Web has been the real stake in the heart for the Atom Publishing Protocol.

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