Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Back at work

My first day here at work at Symantec.  It's a very Windows-oriented environment, which is something I have to get used to.  I've already downloaded cygwin to help me have some UNIX comfort.  Next step is to install Perforce, get a build, and try to build this puppy.

The view here is spectacular - a view of the bay, Treasure Island, and if I just squint, I can see my house in Berkeley.  However, alas, this is not to last -- in one month (to the day) we'll be heading to the sixth floor of an office building south of Market, and no more view :(

My dev machine - well, it's hot.  8GB of memory, over 2TB of disk space, and a 4-core CPU.  Plus I get a company-issued laptop to take home with me - but not a Mac (wah!).   It's a Dell running Win XP.  So nineties :)

Hopefully I'll be up and running soon, but I may not be able to talk much about what I'm doing.  This is not open source in any shape or form.  We'll see what we shall see...

I got a new coffee mug and my boss brought cookies and invited everyone over to meet me - it's a very friendly, good-natured group.  I'm glad to be here.


Emilian Bold said...

Glad to see you all nicely set up.

Now, could you say some more about that desktop machine ? It's always interesting to see the kind of hardware companies provide to developers.

Me on the other hand -- the MacBook Pro is enough to recompile NetBeans.

Neil's Dev Stuff said...

I new you would find something.....

Windows hee hee, we have almost swapped places, a year ago my mob were an MS shop, we headed down the Java route thank goodness.

Good luck with your new job.

zmjezhd said...

Congratulations on re-entering the work force! I worked a contract for a couple of months at 1 Market St. It's an older, brick building, and not only did we have a fantastic view (from the seventh floor) of the Bay and the Ferry Building, but the windows opened!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear about this. Good luck for the future.