Monday, December 15, 2008

360 Cities - wow

Masood Mortazavi just turned me on to this site. Wow. This is a great way to explore another city. Beautiful stuff.


Antony said...

That link doesn't work

Unknown said...

OK, fixed it, that was ugly, thanks for letting me know.

Masood Mortazavi said...

... and you can get these pictures for a couple of other cities in Iran (including Tehran and Yazd) and elsewhere.

For example, for Isfahan, check out
this back alley or
this bridge or this end of the Naghshe Jahan square. Of course, Masjid-e Sheikh Lotfullah has the most amazing effect, and really lends itself to this kind of 3-D, 360-egree photography.

One just needs to be patient to let the pixels load.

By the way, note that the transparent circles in each picture, when clicked, will loack the picture for a different part of each city. You can literally explore it in various "directions"...