Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Posterous - very cool

Thanks to a plug from TechCrunch, I have discovered Posterous, and I am very happy with it.  It allows me to post stuff to any combination of Twitter, Facebook, or my blog, all from my email or from SMS.  I can even have one item which posts to all of them, which is very useful for links to interesting stuff.

For example, this blog is being written on Thunderbird.  HTML formatting seems to make it through unscathed.

And note that now I have offline blogging, tweeting, and updating Facebook, without some specialized software for each service. 

I write to blog@posterous.com, it goes to my blog.  I write to twitter+facebook@posterous.com, it goes to, you guessed it, Twitter and Facebook.  I write to post@posterous.com, it goes to all three.

The one bummer is that the Facebook interface doesn't set my status - instead it adds something to my wall.  So if you're just looking at my status updates (e.g. through the status RSS feed which I just discovered, cool!), you won't see my Posterous posts...

All the same, I highly recommend checking it out...

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garrytan said...

Thanks for trying posterous. Let us know what we can do to make it more useful for you, or just contact us anytime!

-Garry, cofounder, posterous.com