Friday, September 05, 2008

TechCrunch: Cappuccino Brings Cocoa-Like Programming To The Web

OK, this can change everything. If you can use a full-fledged programming language like Objective-C to build web apps, and you don't have to know HTML and CSS (and who would want to if you had a choice), well, now that's interesting.

Cool thing is if you learn this, then you can write stuff for Cocoa as well. As a programmer, anything that lets you do two in one blow is very attractive. I have avoided writing web apps for years because of the hideous, painfully low-level programming environment. This could switch me over.

Also, think about it - the full application is running in Javascript on the IDE. This means the server isn't busy building HTML/CSS, but it simply in the job of delivering Javascript and providing back-end services for rich web clients. Cool.

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