Monday, August 11, 2008

Are you engaged or are you vegging?

I just recently got clear on a distinction between being engaged and vegging.  Both of them can happen on a computer.

When I am engaged, my mind is active, I feel productive, and I feel full of energy and creativity.

When I am vegging, it is as if my mind is shut off.  Even if my jaw is not slack, I feel slack-jawed.  I am not on the computer for any reason but to check out.

I like it when I'm engaged.  I dont' like it when I'm vegging.  It affects me not only when I do it but after, and I also find I miss out.  I am on an anti-veg campaign.  My first battle-line - no vegging at night.  If I have to work in the evenings, but when I'm done, no vegging.  No looking at endless blogs.  No link-following, no You-Tubing, no Twittering, no Facebooking.  Also, no iPhone vegging.

I do need breaks - one can't work non-stop, it's actually non-productive.  But I have so many other great things I could be doing with my break time.  Standing up and stretching, going into the kitchen to make myself a cuppa.  Breathe deep and relax.  Hang out with the kids for a few minutes.  Read the paper.

How about you?  Do you know when you're vegging and when you're engaged?

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Anonymous said...

You're so right... I'm doing it now. I think I'll shut down the computer and spend some time with my wife. Thanks!