Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Van Couvering IS a verb!

I just found out that I've been verbized.  From the NetBeans users mailing list:
I've googled, nabbled, Vancouveringed (yes, it is a verb now) and even read the manual (gasp), and I'm at a loss.  I have no confidence that data changes will still be 'there' when I copy the DB folder to another location.
Well, I give up.  I guess I will have to change my blog title now. 

Anyway I've been reminded by various English types that if "Vancouvering" were anything it would be a gerund, not a verb.  But "Vancouvering is Not a Gerund" just doesn't have the same ring to it.  And this way my blog title is slightly more confusing ("um, yeah, did I ever say it was?), and that's always good, makes you scratch your head a bit.


Øystein said...

From the context it is not clear to me what Vancouveringed is supposed to mean. (And it is not in Wiktionary, yet). So what does it mean?

To act like Vancouvering?
To ask Vancouvering?
Please, enlighten me!

Unknown said...

I think he meant he searched my blog, since it was in the context of "Nabbled" and "Googled" :)

Anonymous said...

As I went Vancouvering one day, I was unable to find my answer. Alas!

(used properly, as a gerund :-)