Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Now this is a vacation

The beautiful river at Las Estancas

Well, it's wonderful here.  We are thoroughly enjoying our visit.  We are in a huge beautiful house, we are with a friend and her son as well as my wife's aunt, we are visiting places, hanging out, cooking delicious meals, going out for food, and just soaking in the sunshine and the fact that we left all of our many-layered obligations behind us for three weeks.

It was a lot of work getting our house ready, but it was worth it.

The picture above, by the way, is from Las Estacas water park.  This is a park surrounding a river that bubbles up from the ground, and then you can ride down in an inner tube or a life jacket and look up at the incredible lush greenery or look down into the crystal clear water.   Or you can swing from a rope and jump straight into the water, or wander through the lotus garden.

Ariel and the lotus garden at Las Estancas

To add to the romance and drama, every night there is thick moist stillness and crickets, then a rumble of far off thunder, then wind and lightning and BOOM a huge thunderstorm, power sometimes goes out, rain pours down in sheets, and the next morning all is clear again.

Did I mention the mangoes, the bunches of tiny bananas, delicious Mexican food, a massive kitchen, an inner courtyard, and the fact that our friend sharing this home with us is a chef?

What can I say?  This really is the life...

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