Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I got apps!

Well, I haven't splunked down the money and extra data usage fees for the iPhone 3G, but that doesn't mean I can't get my apps.

I just upgraded to the iPhone OS 2.0, and thus got the app store. An evening of browing and I got some fun stuff. I'd give you links but everything is available only through the iTunes store, so you'll have to go find it yourself. These are all free, I'm not ready to pony up for anything yet...
  • Labyrinth LE - remember that old marble game where you tilt the board to move the marble along without falling into a hole. Imagine doing that with your phone, and getting multiple boards to boot. Cool!
  • Phone Saber - different colors and special effects - you are an iJedi knight!
  • Apple Remote - use your iPhone as a remote for iTunes. Very nice.
  • Pandora and AOL radio - streaming Internet radio on my phone - say no more. Just give me Rhapsody and I'm a happy camper
  • Location-sensitive Yelp - cool!
  • midomi - Can't remember that song but it's stuck in your head? Hum it to midomi and it will identify it.
  • Location-sensitive pictures - there are a whole bunch of these to choose from
  • NearPics - show me pictures near where I am.
  • Google search - searches both the Internet and my phone (e.g. contacts). Nice.
Well, now we're talking. It's like a whole new phone. Although, as we all know, "phone" is not necessarily the right name for this, this, ... thing...

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