Monday, September 27, 2010

BigCouch: HA, clustered, scalable CouchDB

Not sure how I missed this one, this is awesome news. 

“BigCouch is a highly available, fault-tolerant, clustered, mostly api-compliant version of Apache CouchDB. While it appears to the end-user as one CouchDB instance, it is in fact one or more nodes in an elastic cluster, acting in concert to store and retrieve documents, index and serve views, and serve CouchApps. BigCouch has been developed and is continually maintained by Cloudant who offer hosted CouchDB as a service.
Clusters behave according to concepts outlined in Amazon's Dynamo paper, namely that each node can accept requests, data is placed on partitions based on a consistent hashing algorithm, and quorum protocols are for read/write operations”

I worked with the Cloudant team, the folks who created BigCouch, when I was doing some CouchDB work on the side, and they seemed like a smart, fun, dedicated team.

This puts CouchDB on my short list of technologies to consider when looking for a scalable data storage solution.

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