Thursday, October 08, 2009

Answers to life's persistent questions

I was recently working on some algebraic problems when I was studying a Retouched Bloom Filter (PDF). I was trying to see if I could calculate how much smaller the Bloom Filter could be depending on how many bits I reset to 0.

I found myself stumped - it has just been too long since I did this stuff in college. My numbers came out all wrong.

So I found it quite appropriate when I found these real-life answers, copied from an email sent to me.

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Tim Boudreau said...

Nice. I've been thinking about Bloom filters recently as they might apply to source code analysis - i.e. "fingerprinting" sections of code and comparing them to other sections of code to identify code duplication, or where an existing library call could be used instead, a missing API, or bad smells (compare a code segment's "fingerprint" with version control history for similar code and how frequently such code is changed). Insanity, or am I on to something? :-)