Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Minds + Machines

Hey, look at that, my brother, Antony, along with two other heavy lifters in the domain name industry, Jothan Frakes, Elaine Pruis, just took the domain world by storm.

He pulled the curtains off of his new company, Minds and Machines, at the ICANN meeting in Mexico City last week. They had a booth there and expected some interest, but the news is there was a lot of interest and they were very very busy.

It appears they are giving the bigger companies in the domain industry a run for the money, having moved from zero to 4th in the space in a matter of a week (according to my brother anyway :)).

At Mexico City they announced that the new .eco top-level domain (TLD) is using them, and also got the icing on the cake that Al Gore is supporting and sponsoring the .eco TLD.

Their web site is clean, cool, approachable and understandable even to those not in the domain business. They are also using and enhancing the popular open source domain platform, CoCCA, to make it very easy to create and manage your TLD.

Why "Minds and Machines?" If I understand it right, the idea is that they are combining the strength of their experience in the domain industry (Minds) with the usefulness and productivity of software (Machines) to provide an excellent experience for managing a TLD.

It also allows them to give away m&ms at conferences :)

Many congratulations to my brother and his company, and may this be a source of abundance to him and a service to the world.

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