Thursday, June 12, 2008

Rhapsody on my Mac

I really like the Rhapsody music service. I have been trying various ways to get this to work on my Mac.

There is a plugin for the browser that lets you access Rhapsody natively on the Mac. The only problem is that it regularly crashes Firefox, and Rhapsody support clearly has fixing this as a very low priority. I tried Safari, and that was working OK, until I upgraded to OSX 10.5.3, and now Safari regularly crashes my entire machine! Sorry, no go.

So I finally gave in, and am happily running Rhapsody natively on my Win XP VMWare instance. I reduced the memory on the instance to 512MB otherwise if I have two instances of NetBeans up my system memory starts thrashing. But once I did that I am happy as a clam. Mozart is lilting to me as I code, and all is well with the world.


James said...

Hi Dan,

How do you find VM Ware Fusion for running Rhapsody? I use Parallels but haven't yet tried VM Ware's Fusion. With Parallels I had to bump up the system resources to avoid lagging when Rhapsody was running but since then i've been, as you say, "happy as a clam!"


Unknown said...

Well, these days, the Rhapsody web client is much better, and I generally just use that.