Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Dooth Booty at MySQL Conference next week

Off to the MySQL conference next week. I still have to remind myself that MySQL is now part of Sun - it's so easy to think of "them" as a separate company that we're just partnering with. It really is something that takes a while to get your head around.

I'll be doing a ton of dooth booty, um booth duty, on Tuesday and Wednesday. Come to the NetBeans booth in the morning and I'll be there, and maybe I can get you a T-Shirt. XXXL of course :)

We'll be showing off what you can do with NetBeans and MySQL, and I also would love to talk to folks about what you want for database tooling in an IDE (and what you don't want).

I'm looking forward to hearing from Mårten Mickos and Jonathan Schwårtz. It should be very interesting to see where these guys see MySQL going next. And then there is Werner Vogels, my "hero" of eventual consistency. Should be good.

I also hope to meet a number of my colleagues from MySQL as well as dear old friends from the Java DB, PostgreSQL and HADB teams (which are now part of the New Database Team).

It should be a time of good information, good friends, and good cheer.

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