Monday, November 13, 2006

Nice Berkeley day

Every now and then I have just a great day being in Berkeley. This Saturday I was with my kids and we went down to 4th Street. The goal was to get the new Dave Barry Peter Pan book at Cody's, but outside of Cody's were the foster animal folks with cages and cages of wonderful cats. With two kids, what can you do, we had to stop and look around. Ariel got to hold the sweetest little cat, and that resulted in this beautiful picture:

Later I went to the grocery store, and as I was standing there looking at all the amazing produce, I was struck with gratitude that we had this little place, Berkeley Natural Grocery, which has 100% organic produce, it's quiet and sweet and the people are incredibly nice. So much better than the zoo at Whole Foods or Berkeley Bowl.

I've travelled to a lot of places in my life, and I do have to say that Berkeley is one of my favorite spots. The weather, the people, the food, the quiet nature of the town - not Big City and not the 'burbs - all fit very well with me.

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