Friday, March 05, 2010

Zack Urlocker, predictive analytics, and R

I just noticed that MySQL's Zack Urlocker Joined the board for Revolution Board

REvolution? Who the heck are they?

Zack says "Predictive analytics is a multi-billion dollar market and it's ripe for disruption".

What the heck is predictive analytics?
Well, that's what Google is for. Turns out it has a lot of uses, and has been in use for a while.

Well, very interesting. I am in no way a statistics or mathematics guy. But this does sound very compelling and powerful. Combine this with a big data set and you can do some interesting stuff -- for good or evil. Looking to see how Zack and REvolution disrupt this market - I would think by making it more approachable to a larger audience and finding new vertical applications for it.

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