Friday, March 05, 2010

Twitter as a tool for getting (and providing) customer service

I have to say, one aspect of Twitter that has surprised me with its power is its ability to get attention from service providers.  I am always surprised and appreciative when someone replies to my tweet where I'm complaining about something.

When I am unhappy about something I do tend to gripe about it on Twitter.  This blog itself may arrive as a tweet because the folks at responded when I complained about Twitterfeed not working.

The folks over at Perforce have also been paying attention, although when I come back with a followup reply I tend to get re-routed to support, who re-routes me to my local contact, so oh well.

I also notice when people aren't listening.  For example, when I complained about Sharepoint user interface being, well, painful to say the least, I have to say I'm not expecting to hear from anyone with a followup.

I've even met some good folks this way.  I was whining about (I can't even remember what about), and ended up being followed by (and following) @dane, a dedicated employee at, and now I'm learning all sorts of cool stuff about what is up to.  By the way, highly recommend those guys - excellent quality, great customer service, and they have some innovative services on the way (if I can trust Dane :)).

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