Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wherefore the blog posts?

I am surprised myself to find out how less often I'm blogging now that I'm a more active user of Twitter. I mean, why should that be - two very different mediums, and two very different purposes.

I think it must be a matter of focus and energy. When I have something I want to share, I go to the medium I am most active on/familiar with. Before Twitter (and long after Twitter was around) that was my blog.

But now I find I can share a lot of my thoughts quickly on Twitter. But I also miss the longer musings that I would do on my blogs.

I keep *wanting* to post more stuff on my blog, but it keeps not happening.

It could also be that I'm much busier. Life on NetBeans was a little low key - working from home, the team in Prague, and my feature low on the priority list. Not so at my new job - I've got tight deadlines, I'm the office each day, busy busy busy. So sitting down to write a blog post is often just not an option. I can barely squeeze in a tweet.

I know some of my Dear Readers are not Tweet-aholics and maybe even are avid Twee-totalers. So I did want to share one option - you can view my Twitter stream as an RSS feed. I only post a few things a day at most, so it's not like it will be overwhelming. In particular, this is where I post many of my links of things I have found interesting/compelling on the 'net.

Here's my Twitter RSS feed:




Anonymous said...

I am unlikely to read what you post on Twitter. There is little you can say in 140 characters that will interest me. Not even Shakespeare said anything interesting in 140 characters. I read your blog because you post thoughtful things. Some of your blog posts have been quite long. Your RSS feed has been on my main NetVibes page for a long time. But I am unlikely to read what you post on Twitter.

Anonymous said...

uh, I didn't mean to post anonymously.

--- lawrence krubner