Thursday, December 04, 2008

Amazon SimpleDB Grows Up

A nice blog from the AWS team describing what's new with SimpleDB now that it's going into public beta.
SimpleDB makes it easy to scale. You don't have to worry about creating a complex master-slave setup to support a high level of concurrent access. In fact, concurrent access is where the SimpleDB model really shines. Fire up a bunch of threads and start sending requests our way. SimpleDB can handle the load. In fact, during the private beta the developers at Pluribo scaled their application up until it was making 5600 requests per second
Some things to note:
  • 60 day free trial for up to 1GB of data
  • 30 day free trial of the Simple DB Explorer, including upload of MySQL data into SimpleDB
  • Tools for various languages, including Java, Python, Ruby, and ActiveRecord
  • Queries can include sorting on any attribute
  • Coming soon: a SELECT-like API and batch loading
Looking interesting...

1 comment:

Matthew Montgomery said...

Hrm... Considering the numbers NDB is putting up, ~1 million reads per second on a single machine (, 5600 request/sec from SimpleDB seems pretty paltry.